Folklore has it that the mighty River Bharatapuzha took a temperamental turn centuries ago. Back in time, this river, also known as the River Nila, had gushed languidly across present day Arangottukara (aran.gottu.ka.ra.). And thus the name of this dreamy little village. Arangottukara literally means “the land the river left behind”. Since then civilization flourished in all its unhurried glory, largely preserved to this day. A perfect setting for a boutique wellness retreat that embraces nature and all the goodness of time-honoured tradition, to bring you a life-changing experience. Perfect for a bunch of friends (three couples or six individuals), looking for a quite re-discovery of their inner purpose. Welcome home!



Leelalayam, or the abode of miracles, was conceived as an oasis of peace where one could allow the leisurely pace of life and the calming effect of solitude work its magic, so that one leaves with a clear sense of purpose and an enhanced joy quotient. Eighty years ago, in pre-independence India, on this very spot stood an ancient Mana, a Brahmin household, wrapped in tradition and culture. Over time, with its inhabitants leaving to settle in Geneva, the Mana fell on sorry times with no upkeep.

As scripted by fate, the Mana exchanged hands in 2010 and ownership passed on to an ardent enthusiast who had always dreamed of owning a piece of ancient history in this land already rich with tradition and folklore.Thus was born Leelalayam. A heaven of peace built lovingly from the ruins of a grand old Mana and furnished with traditional art pieces collected over the years by the new owners. An idyllic boutique retreat, to kindle a renewed zest for life and living.





Ayurveda for us is a way of life. Maintaining good health is what our bodies were primarily designed to do. However the stressful lives that we lead today coupled with pollution, unhealthy diets and lack of physical activity has given rise to numerous lifestyle diseases. At Leelalayam we bring to you the best Ayurvedic and holistic wellness bridging yesterday's heritage with today's needs.

Leelalayam offers the ideal getaway from the fast-paced. Mundane everyday life to a sanctuary of peace and relaxation. It has been set up not to sell Ayurveda as a product, but rather to provide a wholesome, complete experience that will leave you enriched, refreshed, and present you with a unique opportunity to rekindle a relationship with nature and getting back to where you belong.

Adopting ecologically friendly practices that are focused on inspiring the spirit and building positive health. True healing happens when healing can bring about unity of body, mind and soul. Come to us and leave healthy, rejuvenated and content ready to embrace life in all its' glory.




Ayuralayam Natural Wellness LLP
Door No. 369, Cheruthuruthi Perumpilavu Road,
Near Kartheyayini Bhagavatthy Temple,
Ezhumangadu, Arangottukkara P.O.
Kerala 672 539 Mobile : +91 73382 07373
Email: info@leelalayam.com


From Shoranur Railway Station
- Via Cheruthuruthi to Perumpilavu Road | 11.9 KM | 16 minutes
From Ottapalam Railway Station
- Via Palakkad Ponnani Road | 33.5 KM | 41 minutes
- Via Cheruthuruthi to Perumpilavu Road | 28.8 KM | 48 minutes
From Thrissur Railway Station
- Via Kodungallur to Shoranur Road | 34.4 KM | 46 minutes
- Via Chittanda to Thalasseri Road | 40.9 KM | 1 hour
- Via Thrissur to Kuttipuram Road | 40.5 KM | 1 hour, 3 minutes
From Calicut Airport
- Via NH 213 | 71.3 KM | 1 hour, 29 minutes
From Coimbatore Airport
- Via NH 47 | 118 KM | 2 hours, 26 minutes